Welcome to my web marketing blog! In my career, I help organizations optimize their content systems to improve their processes and thereby the user experience on their websites. The end goal is meeting key business objectives such as increased website traffic, better engagement metrics by users navigating their websites, and increasing conversion rates and lead submissions. My aim with this blog is to write and share my ideas and opinions on marketing in general, mostly because I want to. This is not an official extension of my career and I will not share anything that is paid for.

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Best Branding and Advertising Campaigns

This is more of a fun article where I want to share some of the best examples of branding and advertising campaigns I’ve come across recently. They really highlight all of the things I’ve talked about on this blog when it comes to effective marketing practices: know your audience, have a unique and memorable message, be consistent with it across every medium, and engage with your audience as much as possible. Now remember, what’s good about these campaigns is that they were unique and memorable in important ways, so you can’t just go and copy them and expect to be effective. You have to be unique too. Here’s two examples:

KFB Law’s Small Worries Campaign

This law firm had a unique and memorable advertising campaign in Tampa Bay, Florida. It knows its target audience — people who are in high stress situations after injuries and accidents and trying to recover from it. It communicated their ability to help in an attention-grabbing and effective manner — it placed large objects in popular public areas and spoke to everyone’s common worries, like leaving the garage open. Finally, it used a catch tagline that they established and kept for all their other advertising and marketing campaigns that can build on the brand identity they established.

ThaiHealth’s Anti-Smoking Campaign

This marketing campaign was absolutely brilliant. ThaiHealth is an helpline with the goal of helping people quit smoking, and promoted their services in a profound way but with a simple concept and execution. A boy and girl would approach people as they stood outside smoking, with a cigarette in their hands asking for a light. If and when the adults started lecturing them on why they shouldn’t smoke and listed all the reasons, the kids would ask: “So why are you?”, hand them a pamphlet for the helpline and leave. During the campaign the helpline saw a massive spike in calls.

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